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About Hexa life:

Hexa life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is recently established manufacturing company with strategic business areas stretch across API Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, CRAMS and Impurity Synthesis. With the goal to provide cost effective, sustainable and innovative solution to the target, we at hexa life strive to provide one stop solution to all these challenges. We have team of highly qualified and experienced scientists with modern facilities to satisfy costumer requirement. Our experience in multi-disciplinary fields of synthetic chemistry from Contract research, API, Process Research / development, Drug Discovery to specialty chemicals covers all dimensions of organic chemistry. Hexa life also provides synthetic discovery chemistry services on a Fee-for-service (FFS) or a Full- time-equivalent (FTE) basis. We continues to seek additional valued partnerships and collaboration to complement our existing capacity. We have expertise services to intermediates synthesis of quantity from milligram to multi-kilogram scale. Our technical capabilities include organic synthesis of small molecules, macro molecules, multi-step synthesis, medicinal chemistry, carbohydrate research, Peptide synthesis. Hexa life continues to seek additional valued partnerships and collaboration to complement our existing capacity. Hexa life is dedicated to strong customer satisfaction, timely solution, ethics and Integrity.


Dr. Sachin D. Gawande | Founder and Director

Dr. Sachin has successful track record of more than sixteen years of Industrial and Academia research experience in various fields of Organic chemistry. Dr. Sachin did his PhD from National Taiwan normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. His research focused on new organic methods involving Copper and Iodine under the supervision of Prof. C.- F. Yao. Then, he joined Prof. C.-C. Wang’s lab as a post-doctoral research fellow. He work on carbohydrate and medicinal chemistry at Academia Sinica., Taipei, Taiwan. After more than three years of post-doctoral research, he joined VSCL Nashik (Vadivarhe Specialty Chemicals Ltd) as a research and development Manager in January 2018. During his services of almost two years, he successfully worked on various API, specialty chemicals and dyes projects. Prior to PhD he worked more than six years with reputed Contract research organizations in India. With vast technical and basic research experience he ventured to transform his technological and technical expertise into industrial reality.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best client specific development and manufacturing company in the area of life Science


Our Mission

  • To provide best chemistry solution in Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing services
    Attend Sustainable business growth through customer satisfaction.

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