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Hello Everyone, Hexa life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is recently established manufacturing company with strategic business areas stretch across API Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, CRAMS and Impurity Synthesis.

Our Values and Principles

Quality Standard:

Hexa life Sciences manufacture Specialty chemicals for specific performance and functions in diverse fields and industries. Several specialty chemicals used different end- user industries. Specialty chemicals are integral part of food additives, paints, cosmetic chemicals, flavors and aromas, electronic, water treatment, paper, textile, construction, and oil Industries.

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Hexa Life

Our Services

API Intermediates

Hexa life is involved in the process development and manufacturing of wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical

Specialty Chemicals

Hexa life Sciences manufacture Specialty chemicals for specific performance and functions in diverse fields and industries.


Hexa Life Sciences is dedicated for supporting synthetic chemistry services to clients in the Pharma, Specialty chemicals.

Impurity Synthesis

The impurities in drug are trace of undesired chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) either during synthesis, or formed during formulation or due to stability issues in API or its formulation.

Process development, Technology transfer and consulting services:

Technology transfer is fundamental part of drug and specialty product development. The success of any product is relay on quality,

Area of work

to provide technical services to the Pharma and Specialty chemicals industries in the form of tech. transfer of Intermediates or final products. Our services are available in both Fee for Service and Full-time equivalent basis.

Chemistry Skills (Expertise)

The list of reaction we successfully handled and produce best results in our R & D and process laboratory,Friedel-Crafts Reactions, Baeyer-Villager Reactions, Suzuki Reactions

Chemical Science

Laboratory For Corona Virus

Hexa Life

Area of work:

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  • Multi-step Synthesis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • C-H Activation
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Library Synthesis

Hexa Life

We have team of highly qualified and experienced scientists with modern facilities to satisfy costumer requirement. Our experience in multi-disciplinary fields of synthetic chemistry from Contract research, API, Process Research / development, Drug Discovery to specialty chemicals covers all dimensions of organic chemistry.

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Hexa life continues to seek additional valued partnerships and collaboration to complement our existing capacity. Hexa life is dedicated to strong customer satisfaction, timely solution, ethics and Integrity.

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